Thayi paradevata

Thayi paradevata or Thiruvarkattu bhagavathy.
Badra kali is worshipped in two vidhanam one is Rurujeet and other is Darikajeet. In the main Temples like Kalarivathukkal which follow Rurujeet vidhanam . when Bhagavathy theyyam appears outside the temple  the Mudircha and puja vidhanam and the guruti Tarpnam is done according to darikajeet. There is a beautifull mantra gadyam chanted with moola mantra for guruti tarpanam. Here she is worshipped with pancha moorthies and boota preta pishacha etc. In many places when thayi paradevata theyyam is performed in  tharavadu or kottam shakti puja is done and guruti tarpana is done by meppad sampradaya to please the diety ad get blessings . when bhadrakali appears in differnt forms like pantam on oda ram beeja is added vam is added that means  mantra differ according to the sworrpam of bhagavathy.